Welcome to Handsay!


What is Handsay

Several years ago, two Deaf designers, Brandon Hill and Matt Daigle met and worked together in a marketing department of a non-profit organization. They quickly realized they had something in common–a love for cool logos, funky fonts and creative artistic styles. Soon their creative musing would develop into a wonderful idea. Why not create a T-shirt line that would merged their love of graphics and American Sign Language (ASL)? The idea quickly turned into a business a t-shirt line called “Handsay”.

Handsay incorporates design elements, Deaf culture references and ASL hand-shapes. These designs are fun, funky, and inspirational for Deaf and non-deaf individuals alike. You really don’t need to know ASL to enjoy these one-of-a-kind t-shirts.

T-shirts that are creative, funky, meaningful and fun—’nuff said.


Mission Statement

It is our mission to produce a high quality artistic apparel to be enjoyed but adults and children of all ages. It is our goal to make selecting high quality materials, outstanding craftsmanship, fair pricing, and customer services our number one priority. It is our mission to always give customers the best possible value and to give them more than they expect.


Meet Our Co-Founders

BRANDON R. HILL                    MATT DAIGLE